The dream promised in the early years of Bitcoin being able to pay for just about anything using crypto-currency has not been fulfilled. The idea of decentralised crypto-currency and digital transactions has not evolved yet.

Over a decade later, crypto-currency remains difficult, confusing and challenging for the General Public to acquire or trade, much less try to sell products and services with it, and the principles that underlie Bitcoin and Ethereum, suffer significantly in areas of privacy, social responsibility, jurisdictional governance, security, scalability and transaction bottleneck issues to name a few.

Barteos and its founders are on a mission to overcome the limitations of crypto-currency and to create an inexpensive global digital cash system that’s private, easy to use and allows for quick transactions for mass adoption, with the ability to trade goods and services without the financial charges that we are forced to pay using visa, mastercard, paypal and other centralised businesses.

When all Digital Currency users and existing business traders in the Barter industry unite, we can have millions of users and millions of Merchants trading together, we will have an eco-system that will be the start of bringing commercial and industrial grade blockchain usage to fullfilling Satoshi’s Vision.

“Its a New Dawn for the Digital Currency Community”

7 reasons why we believe Barteos will be the most usable crypto-currency for the general public:

Barteos is leveraging the best of Blockchain technologies with a Not-for-Profit (NFP) Foundation Model, that can create NFP Associations in every country to govern the Barteos Token and and the private data collected to ensure government compliance. 

We believe that no private profit-driven business should own the Data collected as part of compliance like the corporate owned Calibra Wallet from Facebook. Supporting Barteos and its “BE WALLET” will ensure that private, profit-driven enterprises, do not get a hold of our day to day financial data. This is the People’s Data and it should only available for government compliance purposes.   

Therefore, Barteos is on a mission to find the solution that may be acceptable to governments, where they embrace this new technology and support its mass usage, knowing that it serves the community in a much better way than the current banking and payment gateway systems, whilst at the same time serving governments to monitor and do their job a lot easier.

The ultimate goal is to make decentralised crypto-currency intuitive and easy, like country currency, with the vision that exchanges and ATM’s can be available for convenience to exchange to other currencies. Government compliant, everyday usability for the exchange of goods and services is the primary goal of this initiative, with the global vision and goal of making Barteos  … 

 ‘The Most Usable Cryptocurrency for the People’