Uniting Barter Exchanges with the crypto community

"A Blockchain Transformation"

A historical milestone for the Blockchain industry has been made.

Barteos is a founding initiative of Blockchain Investments (New owner of Bartercard Group of Companies – The Largest Trade Exchange in the World) together with Southern Logistics Limited (HK) a tech company specialising in Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology.

As the integration process begins, the Barteos foundation now has a 10 X larger commercial usability base of business traders than Bitcoin and Ethereum combined globally.

In this new era of The Internet of Money 2.0, the value of coins will be defined by their real world usage and Barteos, having the foundation of the world’s largest digital currency and merchant base is set to be the clear winner in 2019 and beyond.


Nigel Green, founder of financial firm DeVere Group believes;

“crypto market cap could swell by as much as $20 trillion by 2028, but it won’t be Bitcoin leading”.

We believe BARTEOS – GLOBAL MONEY 2.0 … may achieve this by 2025.