"A Blockchain Transformation"

The Barteos System is a historical milestone for the Blockchain industry


The Barteos Mission is to unite the millions of Bitcoin and Ethereum Users, with the millions of merchants already trading in Barter Exchanges globally, whilst also establishing the largest De-Licensed Sales Force in digital currency history, to bring Barteos mainstream to the General Public.

In this new era, dubbed as the Internet of Money 2.0, the value of coins will be defined by their real world usage and Barteos, having the world’s first commercial grade crypto-currency suitable for the exchange of goods and services is set to be the clear winner in 2020 and beyond.

Nigel Green, founder of financial firm DeVere Group believes;
“crypto market cap could swell by as much as $20 trillion by 2028, but it won’t be Bitcoin leading”.

We believe BARTEOS – GLOBAL MONEY 2.0 … may achieve this by 2025.

Just like Google was the 21st search engine, its not always the first to market that dominates a space. Barteos has taken a decade of learning backed by commercial experience to now deploy this technology mainstream.