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Do you want a piece of the phenomenon dubbed as, “The Internet of Money”?

Can you commit to fulfil Satoshi’s vision of establishing a true ownerless Digital Cash System?

Have you missed out on the first era of Bitcoin, that started as pennies and would love a second chance?

This cryptocurrency  opportunity can give you a real once-in-a-lifetime chance to create true wealth and prosperity for you and your family, and even more, to make centralised high-charging payment systems, like visa, paypal, barter companies and banks etc. a thing of the past?

Barteos is an exciting Quest and Opportunity that can Secure Your Future!

Welcome to the world’s most unique digital currency network…

Welcome to BARTEOS – a New Dawn for the trading of Goods and Services.

You will be working for yourself in a Community that is De-centralised and Autonomous (DAC). 

The Barteos collective have the VISION, the business formula and the right technology, to become the biggest ownerless, crypto-currency globally by 2025.

Imagine, if you could claim a large stake of Bitcoin or Ethereum when they were only pennies. That chance may be here again in the new era we call, the “Internet of Money 2.0”.

Barteos is People-Driven with 4th Gen Blockchain-powered systems and is recruiting a Global Sales Force that can penetrate local business markets and social  networks.

What may be in it for You?

Sales Professionals: Generally pays double the rates selling to SME, plus a huge USD$250K in BTE* that you can help raise in value in a crazy way.

Sales Coaches: Earn Five times the earning potential of Sales professionals & Double the Wealth

Country Leaders & Visionaries: Email the Global Business Director at

Your Opportunity is to Great to be discussed on this Page.

* VESTED BTE – Tokens that are reserved for the workforce and are fully earnt within a period on a per merchant basis, whilst offering Free Membership Tokens and services to businesses that join the Barteos Co-operative Network in a country.

At Barteos, Salespeople are hired for their entrepreneurial spirit,
their commercial business acumen and their compassion towards business owners.

As the organisation shifts towards mobilising a Global Sales Force, our Barteos Regional Business Developers are  required to onboard merchants  and spot opportunities to
assist small business with their digital solutions to attract more clients for their business.

Our Mission is to help SME Business Globally to grow their business profits.

if you think you have what it takes TO be part of the biggest currency crusade of this century AND to HELP CREATE A LOCAL AND GLOBAL IMPACT, then join us now!