Barteos is a Fee-Free Digital Cash System that operates a Barter-Trade-Exchange for businesses and consumers in countries around the world, to trade goods & services.This means that businesses can accept 'Barteos' Trade Dollars (Digital Currency) as a form of payment for providing their Goods/ Services. Similarly, consumers can spend their 'Barteos' by purchasing goods & services from participating businesses in the Barteos network.
Currently, you are NOT able to cash out your Barteos (BTE) until we list in an open exchange. As soon as we have 20,000 Business Members in Australia, Barteos will list its universal exchange coin (BTE) in open market financial exchanges to give your Trade Dollars an avenue to be exchanged for other digital currency.
The Private Key is your unique key that is needed to recover your account when you forget your password and need to reset it. It is very important that you keep a copy of your Private Key in a safe place and not to lose it, or you will not be able to recover your account and the funds.
1. Open the Barteos wallet app 2. Click the 'Login' button 3. Then click 'Settings' and scroll down to the 'Private Key' button 4. Write down a copy of your unique Private Key and store it somewhere safe
Go to www.barteos.org/wallet for full instructions.
Barteos is the world’s first Dual-State barter and cryptocurrency. This means that our digital currency has the ability to switch between 2 different states. These different states include:1. Stable State - which is the Barteos Trade Dollar and is suitable to be used for the trading of Goods & Services as a stable trading dollar. The Trade Dollar is pegged to the fiat country currency and is a Stable-State digital currency.2. Barteos (BTE) - which is similar in nature to Bitcoin and is a cryptocurrency designed as a transnational universal digital currency. It started as a “penny stock”, that will grow in value as each merchant joins the eco-trading-system prior to listing on an open exchange.
Commercial-Grade Cryptocurrency means that it is intended for commercial use and can be deployed at a commercial level for business and consumers to use in the real world.
When a user tries to create an account multiple times our security system then blocks the IP address of that user. The user will then not be able to create an account from the same phone that they were trying to register from. To resolve this issue, please use another phone to create your account (friend or family's phone). Once you have created your account from the secondary phone you can then click 'Login' on your app on your own device using the username and password you created. You can then delete the app from the secondary phone. ORWAIT 30 MINUTES FOR SECURITY TO CLEAR YOUR PHONE.
There is a 0.01 cent transaction fee when your transfer funds, if you try to transfer your whole balance you are not leaving the 0.01 cent transaction fee available to be charged to your account.Example: If your balance is 15,000 BTE you will only be able to transfer 14,9999.99 BTE.