How do I download and create my wallet?

Please click here for instructions.

How can I restore my password?

1. Open the Barteos wallet app

2. Click the ‘Login’ button

3. Then click the ‘Restore Password’ button

4. Enter your phone number and private key that you had previously stored somewhere safe.

5. Click ‘Validate’.

I am receiving an error message 'Can't register more than one account per IP in less than 5 minutes', why?

When a user tries to create an account multiple times our security system then blocks the IP address of that user. The user will then not be able to create an account from the same phone that they were trying to register from.  To resolve this issue please use another phone to create your account (friend or family members phone). Once you have created your account from the secondary phone you cant then click ‘Login’ on your app on your own device using the username and password you created.

You can then delete the app from the secondary phone.

I am trying to transfer all my funds to someone else's Barteos wallet but it will not allow me to enter my whole balance, why?

There is a 0.01 cent transaction fee when you transfer funds, if you try to transfer your whole balance you are not leaving the 0.01 cent transaction fee available to be charged to your account. Example: If your balance is 15,000.00 BTE you will only be able to transfer 14,999.99 BTE

How can I add another account to my wallet app?

1. Login to your account

2. Click the ‘Settings’ icon in the top right corner of the wallet

3. Click on the first tab, ‘Accounts’

4. Then click the + symbol

5. Click ‘Create Wallet’.

How do I transfer funds to another Barteos Wallet?

1. Login to your Barteos Wallet

2. Click the ‘Send’ button in the panel at the bottom of your screen

3. Enter the username of the contact you wish to send to. Example: enter 61414 000 000 not 0414 000 000

4. Enter the amount you would like to send by clicking the black numerical keyboard. (If you would like to send in BTE instead of AUD click the ‘Switch Currency’ button)

5. Click the green ‘Transfer’ Button.

6. Then, click the green ‘Proceed’ button.