A non-profit full-service Decentralised Bank Digital Currency (DBDC) implementation organisation for emerging cashless societies

Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Australia as a non-profit special-purpose organisation, the Barteos Foundation operates its initiatives and mission in accordance with the Barteos Creed. The Barteos Foundation together with its partners is the Intellectual Property owner and Developer of the Barteos technology and business systems globally.

The Barteos Foundation licenses and passes on all rights to every non-profit community-benefit enterprise “Country Manager” in each country, (like in Australia “BE PAY AUSTRALIA LIMITED”) to become the sole issuer, governor and manager of its country-related digital currency and to own its global portion of the universal exchange digital currency known as “BTE”.

The Barteos Foundation allocates each country its portion of a fixed supply of 12B BTE, based mainly on the GDP of each country as an added asset to distribute through the business sector and to use as an asset for the establishment of its stable digital currency within a country.

In this way, the Country Manager, being an ownerless organisation that is set up for the benefit of its community, becomes the sole issuer of all Barteos digital currency in its national jurisdiction. This also ensures that all national reserves and all digitised assets stay in their respective country, assisting its country’s economic well-being as Barteos becomes fully local.

Therefore, the Barteos network operates as a federated group of independent non-profit organisations with no shareholders in each country (totally ownerless), yet also operates collectively on a single global, government-compliant, industrial-grade financial rail (super-blockchain) that houses its universal currency, also known as a “super-currency” for exchange between nations together with all digitised country currency. 

Barteos is in essence, a commercial-grade, ownerless, Bitcoin model that can scale up globally on a single Distributed Ledger and be a true alternative to centralised payment systems or private, shareholder-driven digital currencies that make up the majority of the industry.

As an open organisation, Government bodies are offered a board seat on the Country Manager and they would be supporting a community-benefit governing body and a new financial technology that keeps your citizens’ financial rights and privacy intact, whilst governments continue to do what they do best and protect the nation against any terrorism or financial crimes with the assistance and monitoring of the Country Manager.

The Barteos financial model and its Distributed Ledger Technology far outweigh any other decentralised or centralised system that you may come across in cost, privacy, compliance, security and performance. Its autonomous nature can even be programmed to send any GST or VAT tax to government in an instant and in an effortless way. Truly a miracle of our modern era that can now be a reality to benefit each and every nation.

The BTE supercurrency value is backed by the trading of goods and services and the circulation of stable country currency as an economic model. The true value of a universal supercurrency is the sum of all its parts (country currencies) in use and in circulation, giving BTE the potential to rise in value and match its digitised fiat currency value in each country.

The Barteos Foundation has a local-to-national-to-global mission of empowering the People in local communities by also giving innovative sales and marketing tools for increasing the velocity of money and economic activity in a region, enhancing the local environment and improving social cohesion and integration that benefits a nation as a whole.



The Foundation can implement and establish the community-benefit Country Manager and the Barteos technology in your country within a twelve-week period given your support. An independent Country Sales Leader organisation would be appointed in parallel to establish the use of the technology and the DBDC with a structured Salesforce that will Direct-Sell the Barteos systems to the business sector of your country in a most professional manner at no cost to the business.

As more and more governments want to implement a CBDC and more and more Merchants adopt Decentralised Digital currency around the world, the Barteos local currency system can digitise the country’s fiat currency in a Decentralised way that is more appealing and acceptable to the People of every nation in comparison to a CBDC.

Barteos is the better alternative to centralised bank digital currency with no drawbacks in its implementation only benefits for the citizens we serve in terms of privacy, financial human rights and an added asset class as an economic stimulus for the People.

Barteos is a complete Decentralised Payment system that coupled with its universal supercurrency for exchange between nations is a great asset for each and every country to own a part of and will increase its common-wealth assets for its People. 

Barteos is also a system for increasing local economic activity, enhancing the local environment and improving social cohesion and integration, among a wide variety of other possible outcomes.




Social Currencies are like a barter system or a loyalty program for community participation that creates and stimulates economic activity. 

Barteos is unique in that it offers a Decentralised CashBack Loyalty Program absolutely free of charge for setup and free to use indefinitely for all organisations. This is possible due to the super-secure, autonomous nature of its sophisticated technology payments systems that is human-less and therefore has minuscule cost to traditional centralised payment systems and the keeping of their ledgers. 

The Barteos Decentralised Cash-Back Rewards Loyalty Program would be of major benefit and interest to local businesses, institutions, local governments, and informal organisations to stimulate sales and economic activity with its potential clients and local people in their community.

Barteos Foundation also offers assistance with implementing other barter trading systems like TimeBanks, LETS and GEM. In TimeBanks, members turn their voluntary time into valuable ‘hour’-credits that can be spent with other members. In LETS, members exchange goods and services using their own credits; all offers are findable on the mutual marketplace. In GEM, citizens get rewards for giving community work from local institutions, community organisations, and local governments.

Existing Barter and Loyalty Companies

If you want to digitise your existing barter or loyalty system making it a fully autonomous system, then make an enquiry today! See how integrating with Barteos and becoming autonomous, can not only save you money but can allow you to lower your fees and increase participation and growth in your network. You also have the opportunity to list your tokens on our exchange in future, offering greater commercial and financial liquidity.

Government Officials

Make an enquiry today about the Barteos Way and receive a free proposal for “consideration” by your government on the benefits of a Barteos implementation in your country, that will also become a major profit-centre instead of a cost-centre for your nation.