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Is Your Personal Financial Data Safe?

Do you want to private companies with a few shareholders keeping your fiat currency, whilst also having unlimited free access to your precious personal financial Data?  We believe that no private, profit-driven business should own our precious personal data collected in the guise of compliance like 99% of cryptocurrency that are private company owned.  As […]

The Future Will Be De-Centralised But Regulated

Decentralised technology started as “public domain” or “commons” and is synonymous with “ownerless”. Yet, today 99% of our industry is operated by private shareholder driven companies issuing currency. This breaks the whole mould and meaning of “Decentralised” and reduces it to become the very thing it is not – centralised. We have entered a new […]

What does a Centralised Cashless Society Guarantee You?

A Centralised Cashless Society is when our Country’s payment system is controlled by a private organisation with shareholders like Banks, Facebook, Alipay etc or by a Centralised Government.  At Barteos, we believe that the time has come to assist the world to recover from centralisation and corporate greed that has dominated our society for far too long. […]