2020 roadmap


  • Release BARTEUM V2.0 Super Scalable Blockchain, capable of us to 1M TPS
  • Beta Release 1st Govt Compliant “BE” Wallet in Australia  to founding Members
  • Finalise contracts with BTE AUST and ACE/AFSL Partners for Australia
  • Accelerate Global PR Marketing of FORK Campaign for three months 
  • Directory Listing of Aussie Barteos Businesses goes Live
  • Finalise Terms & Conditions of FORK


  • Onboard over 100,000 registered users
  • Co-operative Member Rules finalised
  • Continue Sales Initiative in Australia to reach Goal of 10,000 Merchants by EOY
  • ITO finishes 30th May 2020
  • FORK registrations finish
  • Begin ITO & FORK transfers to Barteum Live Blockchain on open Global Market & Exchanges
  • Global Wallet V.1.0 open to every country globally
  • BE-WALLETS released to everyone in Australia


  • Onboard over 500,000 registered users
  • Barter Gateway Platform Open & Integration with 1st
    Global Barter Partner
  • Satoshi Ai Reward & Learning Framework Beta Release
  •  Merchant e-commerce Gateway Systems and Govt reporting systems for Tax
  • Sales Force in Australia continues to recruit 1000’s of Merchants to fee-free  Barter model


  • Onboard over 1,000,000 registered users
  • 10,000 Merchant member eco-system trading in Australia
  • Start Launch of 10 other Country regulated BE-Wallets and Country DPoA Nodes with Global Sales
  • World’s first Ai Governance Framework Beta Release with formalised Satoshi Ai Foundation
  • *** First country to support adoption of the Barteos Digital Cash System as its digital currency ***