2020 roadmap


  • Prepare New Sale Initiative to on-board face-to-face Salespeople faster & more effectively
  • Deal with COVID-19 disruption and create interim plans and adjustments to timeline  
  • Finalise contracts with BTE AUST and ACE/AFSL Partners for Australia
  • Bepay Marketplace Business Directory goes Live
  • Finalise Terms & Conditions of FORK


  • Sales and Marketing events and activities paused due to Coronavirus
  • Accelerate Global PR Marketing of FORK Campaign for three months 
  • Continue working on Global Business Plans and Intellectual Property
  • BTE AUSTRALIA Member Rules finalised
  • June – Release BARTEUM V2.0 Super Scalable Blockchain, capable of up to 1M TPS
  • June – Beta Release 1st Govt Compliant “BE” Wallet in Australia  to founding Members
  • June – Global Wallet V.1.0 open to every country globally in APP Stores
  • June – BTC and ETH Fork Snapshot


  • FORK registrations start over six months
  • Re-Start Sales Initiative in Australia to reach Goal of 5,000 Merchants by EOY
  • BE-WALLETS released to everyone in Australia
  • Onboard over 100,000 registered users
  • Barter Gateway Platform Open & Integration with 1st
  • Global Barter Partner
  • Satoshi Ai Reward & Learning Framework Beta Release
  •  Merchant e-commerce Gateway Systems and Govt reporting systems for Tax
  • Sales Force in Australia continues to recruit 1000’s of Merchants to fee-free  Barter model


  • Onboard over 500,000 registered users
  • 5,000 Merchant member eco-system trading in Australia
  • Start Launch of  other Country regulated BE-Wallets and Country DPoA Nodes with Global Sales Force
  • World’s first Ai Governance Framework Beta Release with formalised Satoshi Ai Foundation
  • Begin ITO & FORK transfers to Barteum Live Blockchain on open Global Market & Exchanges
  • *** First country to support adoption of the Barteos Digital Cash System as its digital currency ***

The targets listed on this page are KPI’s set by the Satoshi Ai Foundation and are subject to change without notice. They are only indicative of a perfect example of when technologists and other members work together in a community based project and when they will finalise their work. Please note that crypto-currency project slippage is a common ailment, particularly on “urgent” or “fast-paced” competitive projects where rapid development is paramount. Barteos and crypto-currency projects, in general, are highly accelerated projects and ambitious due to their fast-paced nature.

In all fairness, time slippage of three months would not be uncommon in these types of projects. However, the Corona-virus outbreak and other natural disasters have effected timelines and it is uncertain on how much disruption and delay to timelines it will have in the 2020 year. The Barteos team are using their best endeavours to meet these targets.