Barteos is a global Not-for-Profit, community-based initiative to fulfil Satoshi’s vision of establishing a de-centralised digital cash system that is widely used by all People and Merchants.

Unlike other proposed commercial crypto-currency like Facebook’s Diem, the Barteos model is uniquely designed to incorporate a country-specific, not-for-profit, community-based governing body.

The first of these Social Enterprises is already in process to launch in Australia, allowing all fiat reserves exchanged for Barteos to stay in each country for liquidity and economic stability. Barteos intends on working with regulators in each country to ensure that sovereign governance and monetary policy is kept stable. 

With a People-Driven Sales-Force and Smart Contract Territory Licensing, this world’s first de-centralised, digital cash system will propel the Barteos Token (BTE) into global markets, one country at a time.

Barteos is the world’s first De-centralised, industrial grade digital cash system (4th Generation), that is designed for reliability, privacy and commercial-grade, mass usage in mind. 

With the world’s first Dual-State cryptocurrency and economic model to be released some time after the 2nd Quarter of 2021, Barteos will also be suitable to be used  for the trading of Goods & Services as a stable Country Dollar crypto-currency, code-named “BE” Dollars. The BE Dollar, Stable-State is a govt-compliant payments system.

Barteos (BTE) is “on-the-other-side-of-the-coin”, designed  initially as a “penny stock”, that will grow in value as each merchant joins the eco-system. You were not able to acquire Barteos (BTE) as a result of the Pandemic in 2020, but this is about to change as the will open up for trade of BTE, some time in the second Quarter of 2021. 

A link to the Barteos Exchange will appear here shortly.

We wish you prosperous trading with your Barteos.

No transactions are accepted from New York (USA), the People’s Republic of China (PRC) including Hong Kong.

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technical features

Building Artificial Intelligence to replace Human Governance

Ability to scale up to 100,000 transactions/sec

Three Second Transaction Speeds

Strong Security Against Theft

Rewards People that Develop, Promote and Use the System​

Building a Government Compliant system to Ensure Longevity

Safe & Smart Contract Capability

Ability to Launch other Digital Assets on the Blockchain

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